An open school where art meets science and technology bringing communities together.

The school practices ideas through interaural interaction from different spaces and mixed realities of Central Asia.
​We are a community involved and engaging in art initiatives, cross-disciplinary researches and socially oriented projects on the Artcom Platform since 2015.
Out of necessity to practice the art and create knowledge here where we live, the Art Collider School was initiated by means of our united efforts in 2017.
​To realize the capacity of communities in relevant processes, changes and innovations through an equal exchange of experience and joint practice, we organize affordable public horizontal education.

​We learn by doing. The educational environment is situational for us: our initiative and responsibility are formed from ownership and consciousness in the environmental, cultural, and historical contexts in which we work.

Together we strive to make a contribution to the collective imagination, creation, transformation, and development of the futurities of Kazakh and Central Asian societies and ecosystems.
Steppe Space / Art Collider
In 2021, Art Collider implemented a hybrid educational program, Steppe Space: Art Collider. The program was oriented to research and theorize local knowledge, create and start artistic and social initiatives of school participants. Steppe Space: Art Collider video and audio courses are available in the public domain on
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