Dala is a space where we practice different methods of art production and creating exhibitions, looking for the new formats of interaction with art both in digital and hybrid realities. In Dala we experiment to reimagine usual exhibiting solutions and manners in which artistic works are represented.

Designing Dala, we, as the offsprings and the successors of the knowledges of nomadic people within Central Asia, are inspired by the technologies and the concepts developed by them, as well as by their ideas about space and the world surrounding them. These knowledges help and support us in our everyday artistic practices and researches of creating and expressing meanings through new digital tools.

We see and imagine Dala as a dynamic set of exhibiting practices that also keep evolving in time and space, which can take any digital/hybrid form, such as a browser-based exhibitions, algorithmic instagram or tiktok feeds, audio-visual or 3d-installations, zoom-performances, streamings, meetings at the virtual dastarkhan, augmented reality filters, digitised archives, dj-sets, bots, apps and VR-exhibitions.

Today the exhibiting space of Dala, as based on the worldviews of the nomads of Central Asia, consists of the three worlds: the upper world (kök) - the world of deities of Tengri and Umai; the middle world (jer) - the world of people and all the living creatures being under the patronage of the goddess Jer-Su/Jer-Sw; and the lower world (jer asty) - the world of the spirits, where Erlik rules.
Architect, computational architect (MA University Innsbruck), researcher, urban planner.
Qazaq contemporary interdisciplinar artist, fem- and queer- folk political activist, Central Asian nomadic cyber-warrior, coder, researcher.
Designers of the space:
Interdependent curator, researcher, decolonial practioner, initiator of the Artcom Platform, daughter of the Steppe from the Argyn and Zhagalbayly tribes.
Qazaq mythology researcher, writer, screenwriter, translator from Qazaq to Russian, candidate of philosophical sciences (Ph.D.), founder of the website dedicated to Qazaq mythology, culture and traditional music - Otuken.kz.
Arman Sein - Xenoartist, cognitive economist.

Zhanna Nugerbek - artist, sculptor
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