Saban-Toi 2021 is the Harvest Festival of the Steppe Space: Art Collider School, which included a series of public creative events and presentations of School graduation projects. Saban-Toi was held from October 11 to October 28 in a hybrid format: in Almaty, Astana, Tuzdybastau village and Sharbakty village, as well as through Zoom.
Steppe Space / Art Collider / 2021 / Participants' initiatives
A social and creative project that combines the area and its inhabitants exploration, workshops on image techniques and joint exhibitions.
Karlygash Akhmetbek
An interactive game focused on strengthening family ties and exploring relationships in the family.
Murager Sharipkan
Аида Искакова
Continuity school of woodworking.
Alibek Nurtai
Visual Thinking Workshops
Saida Sattybayeva
Get a fire extinguisher!
Azhar Bimamir
Clothing upcycling workshop
School for young talented people promotion in social networks
Akerke Damenova
älqissa Youtube channel is focused on highlighting and analyzing cinematic, musical, cultural and historical phenomena in Kazakhstan
Aidana Amanzhol
Antonina van Lier
City personal residence, kinesthesis of perception. Exploring the environment through more than just local history: discovering the city for oneself and for others.
A community that practices conscious fashion and clothing recycling.
Janelle Musakhanov
"Horizon A" Alliance of Soil Researchers is designed to unite scientists, artists, farmers and everyone interested in soil for joint research and practice
Dauren Kaliaskar
Intizor Otaniyozova
Ecological community "Top-Topyraq" involves the residents of Tuzdybastau village to discuss local environmental problems through meetings, lectures and workshops.
A writing community in which writers, illustrators, editors and publishers unite to develop the book industry.
Aliya Dzhumagulova
A platform where people share important experiences and stories. Then the musicians write music on them and perform them. Thus, the project combines storytelling, performance and composing.
Altynbek Zhubanchaliev
Asia Nuali
An online conversational English club where teenagers can freely discuss topics that they are concerned about.
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