Steppe Space: Art Collider 2021
A multidisciplinary School Steppe Space: Art Collider was held in 2021. The School Program covered local knowledge theorization, studying Central Asian cultural landscape and heritage, creation and implementation of school participants’ artistic and research social initiatives.

Art Collider 2021 was held in a hybrid program in Almaty and Astana and included both lectures and workshops, open discussions, meetings, walks, visits to studios and exhibitions, and sharing experience with the program participants and speakers.

According to the application competition results, 21 people were enrolled to the School. There were artists, poets, directors, designers, photographers, musicians, writers, art historians, biologists, soil scientists and researchers out of 100 applicants.
School Program
The School Program included 13 courses and a number of public events. The School Program lectures will be available on the Steppe Space website and other open areas.
Art in Social Dimensions
Aigerim Kapar and Wato Tsereteli
Screen and its Materiality
Anvar Musrepov
Walking philosophy
Kulshat Medeuova
Performance. The body as a Tool
Olya Kroitor
Assertive Behavior or the Ability to Be on Equal Terms
Nadezhda Zubova
Horse Breeding and Kokpar as Decolonial Practices of Reinventing Tradition and Finding Meaning
Alima Bisenova
Creative writing: How to get free through text. Workshop
Aliya Kadyrova
Frame-by-Frame Animation
Marat Raimkulov
Secrets of Desht-i-Kipchak Nomads
Zarina Mukanova and Zhaksylyk Sabitov
Gentle noise, radical silence. Laboratory
Julia Sharifullina and Stas Sharifullin
Kazakh Music: Identity Issues
Saida Elemanova
How does the World of Talasbek Asemkulov work
Zira Naurzbayeva
Art of Central Asia of the 20th - early 21st centuries
Nigora Akhmedova
“Preparation and co-creation of a four month hybrid study program together with brilliant people gathered by Aigerim Kapar was both wonderful and historical experiences. If you understand that education, and its relevant, responsive forms have to be developed around the globe – Art Collider became a great pioneer of how during the pandemic, a group of artists and scientists decide and materialize the complex innovative and very necessary online study program with real effects in Astana and Almaty.

During different opportunities of collaboration with participant artists from Kazakhstan I always had a very special feeling of trust and careful attitude from the participants. This time significant projects have been born that will again impact many others. In the new reality especially in post soviet spaces there is even the expectation that any citizen should act for the needs of society. New governance includes active initiatives and long-term commitment from the citizens as a normal operation of Democratic society.

With such short-term intensive educational formats participants unfold their important innovative ideas which simultaneously can be seen as a job or jobs created by the program. Those jobs do not exist yet, but our environment, legislation or any other actual context are not a barrier to invent new social and economical places.

Art Collider is a certain transit for participants to make a switch from me to we!
From individual art practitioner into author of an innovative social platform.”
“Art Collider 2021 School was a dream come true project for me and it confirmed that the local community is an expert for such a large-scale, time-consuming and valuable project as the Art Collider School: where art meets science and technology, bringing communities together.

Thanks to Artcom Platform artists and researchers, scientists and cultural figures, the School has been operating since 2017 and continues to change in accordance with our requests and the reality impact.

Art Collider became a community-forming and a vital educational initiative for us. School members, students and lecturers are involved in the team, create artworks and continue to develop their public projects and scientific activities, forming the Artcom Platform ecosystem.

I can see that the Art Collider School and interdisciplinary approach educational programs with local knowledge comprehension are becoming more interesting year by year, especially in scientific and artistic areas.

I am incredibly inspired by the workflow, team, speakers, school participants and their initiatives, which were affected by the School, and are now developing and taking care of communities, the environment and cultural heritage.

For the five year-period of the School's operation, Steppe Space: Art Collider 2021 has become the first time when we had the opportunity to pay for the speakers and team’s contribution thanks to the Kusto Help Foundation financial support.

We are looking for opportunities to sustainably scale up our experience and practices in the region to involve a large number of people in knowledge production and future concern.”
“The four-month School Program has become a challenge and a point of growth in many ways for me, and for the community in general. It was a new format for us, much more intense than a usual one, which required fast, efficient, thoughtful decisions and togetherness at every step. There were many unforeseen events along the way, which put us in uneasy situations. And each time we managed to find a compromise and successful solution.

I think that we were so successful in responding to all challenges because we shared a common vision of the whole process and its outcomes, which turned out to be the result of our curators Aigerim and Vato’s long work with us creating and transmitting the vision and the path to it. What is more, we were ready for the fact that it would be a process, as they said, work in progress.

Having finished the School, I feel grateful for the experience, knowledge and new skills and social threads that are important to me.”
Art Collider is a space for your ideas and projects implementation, where you can come for support and knowledge. I watched the School members transform throughout the Program and during the Saban-toi, their final projects presentation. This whole process reminds me of sowing seeds. You never know how this or that initiative will develop, but I hope that the created ecosystem and supportive environment will help the guys to continue their projects. I believe that we have started a chain reaction that will lead to changes in the future.
Art Collider initiator
Artist, curator, Contemporary Art Center – Tbilisi founder
Art manager
In 2021 The Art Collider School was transformed during the Create Your School collaborative workshop with Aigerim Kapar and Vato Tsereteli, which resulted in the Steppe Space: Art Collider 2021 hybrid program in collaboration with Anuar Duisenbinov, Asel Mukasheva, Selbi Dzhumaeva and Sultan Musakhan.

We are grateful to Aida Isakhankyzy, Anvar Musrepov, Arman Sain, Aruzhan Zhumabek, Gali Akhmetov, Diana Kudaibergenova, Konstantin Kupriev, Madina Sargali, Medina Bazargali, Olesya Kotova and Ruslan Kastani for participating in the workshop. We are also grateful to Bektur Iskender, Ruslan Urazaliev, Zarina Mukanova, Narendra Radhunath and Jesse Vogler for their contributions to the discussions.
The Steppe Space: Art Collider 2021 Program was made possible thanks to Kusto Help support and Artcom Platform care
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